Criminal law

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Those accused of crimes are usually entitled to a public defender. You have the right to choose the lawyer you want to defend you. Contact us directly or give our contact details to the police.

We make every effort to ensure those accused of crimes are treated according to your rights by the police and prosecutors. At AVA Advokater you get strong legal support from the first day. We naturally prepare for all eventualities and construct your defense carefully together with you.



Our lawyers have a lot of case experience as counsel. You are entitled to choose the attorney or lawyer to assist you in the forthcoming legal process. Contact us directly or give our contact details to the police.

As counsel, we provide support throughout the legal process, follow all police hearings and assist you during the trial.

As a victim of crime you may be entitled to damages. Damage may include compensation for assorted violations, pain and suffering, property damage and loss of income. We will help you to exercise your right to victim’s compensation.

To us it is important that you as a client should feel safe throughout the entire legal process. AVA Advokater is fully committed your rights.

You are welcome to contact us before making a police report for advice on how to act in your particular situation.



AVA Advokater is regularly appointed as a special representative for children. Our lawyers have solid experience and knowledge regarding these difficult situations. Our lawyers have a well-proven working method that places high demands on cooperation with other authorities such as schools, preschools, social services and police.

Our lawyers are deeply committed to children’s rights and work with special care and compassion in these difficult cases. Most importantly, the best interests of the child are considered and the child is not harmed during the legal process.