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If social services have received an incident report that a child has become ill or there is an acute risk of the child’s health and development being harmed, they have the legal right to immediately take the child into care and place them in an emergency home. This can be extremely dramatic and traumatic for both child and parent.  Parents often expressing an experience of insufficient information.

AVA Advokater have a broad competence and long experience of cases according to the Law on Special Care for Young Persons (1990: 52) LVU. The Administrative Court regularly appoints our lawyers and solicitors who publicly assist in LVU cases.

It’s vital to request a lawyer early in the process! As soon as social services take an action concerning your child which you do not agree with, consult a lawyer.

Immediate action with the aid of LVU

Immediate action with the aid of LVU

When social services receive a report and consider there to be an acute risk to the child’s health and wellbeing the social services may decide to immediately apprehend the child under section 6 of the LVU.

Both the parents and the child have the right to public representation for this process. You have the right to choose the lawyer who will represent you.
Within one week of the decision to take the child into care, the municipality’s decision shall be determined by the court otherwise the decision will be ceased.

If the court determines immediate apprehension the municipality has four weeks to apply for care of the child according to LVU.

Application for care according to LVU

LVU care is decided on the grounds of abuse in the home 2 § or because of the young person’s own behavior 3 § when there is an identified and specific risk to the health and wellbeing of the young person.

Care according to LVU


Care according to LVU involves placement in the family home or an institution

Social Services often forget to inform parents and children about their right to public assistance in time.  If the Social Services start to talk about a potential LVU you should immediately request public representation. You have the right to choose a lawyer.